Free worldwide shipping on all prints!
Free worldwide shipping on all prints!
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Framing Information

Looking to frame your shiny new print? Here are some suggestions for ready made and custom frames matching the sizes of prints available here.


  • For an 8x12 print, eFrame offers plenty of options in all colours and finishes. Park Cameras also has many options - in white, silver, or black with a mountBGA Store also sells a simple black frame.
  • For a 12x18 print, eFrame has a wide range of frames. BGA Store stocks a basic and affordable black frame in this size.
  • For 16x24 prints, Amazon sells affordable frames in this size. eFrame also has options in all colours and finishes.
  • If you'd like a custom made frame, with hundreds of options for mats and borders, I highly recommend Easy Frame


  • For 8x12 prints, Michaels stocks a basic black frame option. Amazon has a large selection for this size, including some larger frames with 8x12 mats. Art to Frame also has lots of customisable options.
  • For 12x18 prints, Michaels is a good affordable option, and Art to Frame has a very wide selection too.
  • For 16x24 prints, Art to Frame has many options, and offers custom mats too.
  • For more high quality custom frames, Framebridge is highly recommended and can make frames for any size print, with custom mats and finishes available.

If you have any follow up questions about framing or specifications, please feel free to get in touch!